data backup

Scary Statistics about Data Backup Failure

Everyone has heard the warnings about how important it is to…
Strategic with an IT Consultant

Ensure Your Technology Investments are Strategic with an IT Consultant

Successful businesses know implementing proven strategies is paramount to achieving goals. While risk-taking is also necessary, your business should never gamble with its technology investments. Hiring an IT consultant ensures your network investments are always strategic, here's how.
VDI composite image with a cloud and personal devices floating over a hand

VDI: What Is It and How Can It Benefit Me?

For those not already using a VDI and cloud computing, the concept can be a bit confusing and even disconcerting. Good news: it’s actually quite simple
workflow automation composite image, with a person tapping on a digital screen with gears and the word automation

Workplace Scenarios of Workflow Automation

Workflow automation isn’t just for a select few businesses. Learn how nearly any company can improve their processes by automating menial tasks.

5 Cybersecurity Tips from the Experts at Certus

  The threat of cyber attacks is more serious than ever.…

Examples of Companies That Needed More Cybersecurity

The number of people who drive by your house might break into the hundreds on a regular day. Traffic passing your digital address can break into the millions. Your business’ needs cyber security.
Santa using cloud computing on a tablet

Santa Would Be Even More Productive with Cloud Computing

Santa has one of the most efficient systems on the planet. Can you imagine, then, how much more efficient he would be with Cloud computing?
Businessman Standing in front of white clouds in a blue sky, representing cloud services

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Services

There are several benefits to conducting business in the Cloud as opposed to keeping data on “local” drives. Let’s take a quick look at a few.
Golfer swinging his driver

Your IT Support Should Help Your Game 

When you think about it – and we have – the positive traits of golfers are similar to those required by outstanding IT support staff. Here are a few:
Happy technicians inspecting servers

Does Your IT Support Offer Complete Care?

Can one person do the job? Is it smart to hire few more people? Or is it better to turn to a managed IT support provider who can offer complete care?