Businessman Standing in front of white clouds in a blue sky, representing cloud services

Why Your Business Needs Cloud Services

There are several benefits to conducting business in the Cloud as opposed to keeping data on “local” drives. Let’s take a quick look at a few.
Golfer swinging his driver

Your IT Support Should Help Your Game 

When you think about it – and we have – the positive traits of golfers are similar to those required by outstanding IT support staff. Here are a few:
Happy technicians inspecting servers

Does Your IT Support Offer Complete Care?

Can one person do the job? Is it smart to hire few more people? Or is it better to turn to a managed IT support provider who can offer complete care?
Two red cogs representing workflow automation

Workflow Automation Systems Key Features and Benefits 

Implementing a workflow automation system provides huge benefits to every organization, large and small. Have a look and see.
Technical support specialist

Take Your Business to the Next Level with a Technical Support Specialist

Good tech support can be hard to find and even harder to maintain in-house, but making use of a third party IT service provider like Certus Technologies for your technical support specialist needs could be just the digital salve you’re looking for.

Workflow Automation Systems

Almost every company would say that their business processes are what makes them unique. But, when asked how they perform that same way every-time, many say "I don't know." Read on to learn the importance of consistency, and some tips on how to get there with Workflow Automation.
technical support specialist

What is a Technical Support Specialist?

Run into technical difficulties and don’t know what to do? Read on to discover how a technical support specialist can be your solution.