How Small-Business Tech Support Can Help Your Company Grow

How Small-Business Tech Support Can Help Your Company Grow

Running a company can be extremely challenging, especially when it comes to supporting your employees or customers. Onboarding, training, and communication are just a few areas where focus is important, but one huge area that is often overlooked is information technology (IT). Without the right or properly functioning systems and support for those systems, it can be difficult for employees to perform well, and productivity will suffer.

Utilizing an IT managed service provider (MSP) could be the way to go if you are investigating small-business tech support options. An MSP is a tech-support company that will proactively manage your IT infrastructure for you, so you don’t have to worry about staying on top of ever-changing technology. With an MSP, you put your small business’ computer equipment, software, and systems into the hands of experts. You spend your time focusing on your area of expertise, while they’ll focus on theirs—technology.

Hiring an MSP to provide small-business tech support will help your company grow. Here are just a few ways this can happen:

You’ll have access to the best technology tools available
IT truly is at the heart of any business. Today, having the best tools available and running smoothly will have a positive impact on how well your company and employees perform. Small-business tech support makes that happen.

Although small and mid-sized businesses need tech support and services just like Fortune 1000 companies do, their budgets are obviously quite different. Finding and hiring competent tech support personnel is challenging for a small to mid-sized business. An MSP who can deliver the “right-sized” services needed is the perfect solution. You’ll find enterprise-level service scaled for small businesses, taking your budget into account and working with you to deliver the specific services and support your company needs.

You’ll have a fixed monthly fee for tech support
Budget management is always a challenge, but when it comes to replacing aging hardware and software it can be downright frustrating, especially when it is unplanned. If this scenario sounds familiar, then worry no more. Managed service providers are able to tailor all necessary tech support services that your business requires for a reasonable price. The best part? Many do this for a fixed monthly fee, which saves money and worry in the long-run. This prevents unexpected surprises and dents to your budget. What you plan to spend on technology support will truly be what you spend, and financial resources can be invested in other areas of your company, allowing for faster growth. If you are considering an MSP, be sure to ask about their fixed monthly payment options from the start.

You don’t need to invest in a CIO’s salary
Most small and mid-sized businesses cannot afford a full-time chief information officer (CIO), but they still need the strategic business and technical planning that a CIO provides. Engaging the right managed service provider—one that is qualified to and provides this service—will ensure that your business will be supported by the right level of technology as it grows. These companies will act as a virtual CIO, which means that they will not only understand your business but will be able to anticipate your needs, make suggestions, manage costs and help your company grow.

Enjoy the speed of in-house tech support without the cost
Many small to mid-sized businesses have concerns about losing an “in-house” IT approach. Although this may be a valid concern in some areas of business growth, working with a managed service provider could actually have the opposite outcome. For example, hiring an MSP to handle day-to-day technology support and maintenance allows you to redeploy your expensive, internal IT staff to critical, revenue-enhancing projects.

If you have questions about how to maximize the value of tech support for your small business, Certus Technologies can help. Need help or have questions? Call 973-944-5000 for more information.

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