Increase Home and Family Time with VoIP

Scenario A:

You’re considering taking the family on a beach vacation in Florida, building sand castles and relaxing in the smooth white sands of the Gulf Coast. Unfortunately you’re right in the middle of negotiating a contract with a key prospect and don’t want to miss their phone call.  You don’t want to tell the prospect you’ll be away, but your current phone system cannot automatically ring BOTH your desk and cell phone at the same time.  As a result, you’re not sure if you can get away.

Scenario B:

You’re on the same vacation in Florida, but this time you’re lazing around in the sun, your cell phone forgotten at your side. You’re relaxing and soaking up the warmth of the beach, and when you get home you’ll return to work feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The reason for the change? Voice over IP, or VoIP. With your company’s new phone system you can have important business calls ring on both your office AND cell phone. Now when that prospect calls, you can answer just as if you’re sitting at your desk.

VoIP Puts Your Office in Your Pocket

The basic idea behind VoIP is the elimination of the traditional telephone line in favor of a digital alternative. Companies like Vonage and Skype have perfected the landline’s evolution from analog technology to virtualized hub, and the result is a cheaper, more consistent and higher quality communication tool.

VoIP blends hardware and software, opening up possibilities that were impossible with traditional phones. You can forward calls from your office phone to your cell phone and vice versa, so you can be locked in while working in the office and available when out and about. This also eliminates time lost playing phone tag while trying to provide great customer service or close an important deal.

VoIP Cuts Costs in a Huge Way

The phones of the past (and unfortunately the present in many businesses) are a money pit. Telephone companies make a killing from huge installation and long distance fees, and service is often arranged in packages that ultimately provide your business with too many or too few phone lines. VoIP changes the cost model because service is scalable, installation fees are low, and the service doesn’t eat up enough broadband to be a nuisance.
Working from Home Made Easy

VoIP opens up a whole new world of possibilities for remote working and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies. For a long time, one of the main problems of working from home was that it required using a second phone – either a cell phone or home land line – for business purposes. VoIP’s ability to integrate mobile phones allows cell phones to behave as if they were your office phones, creating a virtual office wherever you may be, without the problems previously associated with such a system. And companies that allow remote workdays and the use of personal devices are shown to have happier and more efficient workforces.

VoIP is the telecommunications standard of the present, but telephone companies are keeping many businesses stuck in the past. If your business is ready to shrug off the burdens of old hardware and embrace the benefits of VoIP phone service, we’d love to be part of the process and help educate you on the benefits of VoIP. Certus Technologies is committed to finding custom IT solutions to all of your business challenges – just give us a call and we’ll get to work together.


About The Author

Evan BerkEvan Berk is Managing Partner at Certus Technologies, an IT Managed and Cloud Services firm that specializes in helping clients dramatically improve their business productivity.

Evan is passionate about simplifying and demystifying complex Information Technology systems and believes that the best IT systems should make our lives easier and more productive, both in the workplace and at home. He can be contacted at EBerk@CertusTechnologies.com or at 973-944-5000.

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