What VoIP and Unified Communications Can Do For You

VoIP phone technology is a powerful IT solution.  It empowers employees to work outside the office, it blurs the lines between work phones and mobile phones, and it breaks the chokehold that telephone companies have had businesses in for decades.  It’s also the first step in adopting truly unified communications.  Following are some of the features and benefits that VoIP provides:

Mobile Phone Integration

VoIP allows you to seamlessly initiate and receive business calls on your mobile phone.

Imagine taking a call on your mobile phone as if you were sitting at your desk in your office, removing the traditional barriers associated with using a cell phone at work.  Your callers won’t know whether you’re in the office, working remotely, or traveling.  There’s something just a little bit magical about being able to take a business call from the other side of the world.

Stay connected to employees, clients and colleagues, from anywhere you’re working.  See who’s available (and who’s not).  Access your voicemail messages from your e-mail account, anywhere your business takes you.  Take advantage of voicemail to text, in which speech recognition translates voice messages to text messages.

You can even have your mobile phone and desk phone both ring at the same time, and use either device to answer.

Unlimited Calling

Plans now offer unlimited domestic (U.S.) calling at no additional charge, and many include a toll-free number as well.  Gone are the days of scrutinizing phone call logs to verify monthly charges.

Centralized (Cloud) Management

Programming and managing our old PBX-based phone systems used to be a challenge, if you could do it at all.  With today’s hosted VoIP systems, you simply log in to a cloud portal and easily set and manage all your phone features.

Virtual Faxing

No need to physically receive and print faxes any longer, and no need for a dedicated fax machine.  VoIP systems integrate faxing, forwarding received faxes to you via e-mail, and allow you to send scanned documents as faxes.

Unified Communications

VoIP providers now offer a fully unified communication platform, including:

  • Instant Messaging, which saves time and keeps projects moving, allowing you to ask a simple question without disrupting conversations and eliminating the need for meetings and e-mails.
  • Video and Audio Conferencing, which allows you to stay connected with remote employees and improve collaboration. With unified communications, video and audio calls are embedded, so workers can transition easily from audio to chat to video.
  • Screen Sharing, which allows the presenter to show everyone their desktop or document with a single click, making conversations more productive.

While it’s probably not something that will completely change your life, VoIP can absolutely improve communication in and out of the office, increase workplace flexibility and make managing life and work much easier.

VoIP systems allow your business to spread its wings beyond a brick and mortar office.  At Certus Technologies we care about making life easier for our clients, and replacing old phone service with VoIP is one of the first and most empowering steps you can take.

For more information, or to discuss other IT solutions that could benefit your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Our team of IT professionals is ready to get to work for you.

About The Author

Evan BerkEvan Berk is Managing Partner at Certus Technologies, an IT Managed and Cloud Services firm that specializes in helping clients dramatically improve their business productivity.

Evan is passionate about simplifying and demystifying complex Information Technology systems and believes that the best IT systems should make our lives easier and more productive, both in the workplace and at home. He can be contacted at EBerk@CertusTechnologies.com or at 973-944-5000.

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