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Workplace Scenarios of Workflow Automation

Workflow automation allows businesses to consolidate most paper-based and manual processes, transforming traditional workflows to digital for increased productivity. With the right combination of IT solutions, your business can automate many of its standard processes.

These workplace scenarios show how automation can impact your organization regardless of your industry to save you time and money.

Human Resources

Most HR departments have already begun automating their data-use processes. But management of their content remains largely paper-based with the printing and handoff of documents. Most of their time is spent processing employee details and migrating data. By automating processes like recruiting, candidate selection, performance reviews, onboarding and daily administrative work, HR staff can focus on improving the employee experience and boosting morale.

Finance and Administration

Contracts, invoices, expenses, budgeting and vendor management are critical components in finance and administrative departments. They demand undivided attention as they are essential to running an organization. The right workflow automation solutions can consolidate these conventional processes. Automation can also reduce risks, improve data accuracy, ensure seamless regulatory compliance and provide better, trackable control over expenses.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing teams are critical to a company’s ability to grow. A successful sales process means developing meaningful relationships with prospects and your most valued clients, and that takes time and patience. Marketers need time to identify their consumers and discover how best to position the business to satisfy their target’s needs. By automating daily sales and marketing processes, you can reduce the time spent on individual administrative tasks like data input for the sales teams and also deliver a self-running nurture program to increase sales responses.

Operations and Procurement

Operations and Procurement teams need to locate purchase orders quickly, manage the arrival of manufacturing materials and juggle many critical data elements at the same time. Implementing the right workflow automation solution can guarantee clear insight into all these processes with real-time reports and automatic approval for change orders and next steps. Automation can also incorporate digital document routing, reduce manual errors and help prevent data loss.

Certus: Your Workflow Automation Resource

Any business can increase their workflow automation, regardless of size or industry; however, it’s not as easy as just buying a workflow automation software program off the shelf. As an experienced Managed Services Provider, Certus can deliver custom solutions, implementing hardware, software and professional IT support to automate many of your standard processes. Give us a call when you’re ready to stop wasting time and start creating efficiencies.

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Evan BerkEvan Berk is Managing Partner at Certus Technologies, an IT Managed and Cloud Services firm that specializes in helping clients dramatically improve their business productivity.

Evan is passionate about simplifying and demystifying complex Information Technology systems and believes that the best IT systems should make our lives easier and more productive, both in the workplace and at home. He can be contacted at or at 973-944-5000.

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