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Your IT Support Should Help Your Game 

Golf is an activity which brings people of all ages and abilities together. It demands patience, practice, and experience to develop expertise.

When you think about it – and we have – the positive traits of golfers are similar to those required by outstanding IT support staff. Here are a few:

Be Proactive

The work of IT support staff is not limited to fixing systems when things go wrong. By working proactively, IT support experts can identify potential problems and resolve them before they lead to business disruption or downtime. In doing so, they will consider the big picture. They always have an eye on the overall goals of the business.

In golf, one doesn’t just hit the ball, but thinks ahead. A strategy is important to avoid trouble areas. It’s not enough to think: “I’ll deal with that when I get there.”  When you are looking out for potential issues, you can make the best decisions to avoid the problems that might damage your game.

Use the Right Tools

IT support staff must be acquainted with a plethora of tools to deliver the right solutions at the right time. There are many ways of solving most IT problems. The test of a great IT specialist is the ability to choose and implement the techniques, software, and hardware that are right for a particular client.

Even the best professional golfers can miss a shot if they use the wrong club for the given situation, regardless of their experience. Every club can be used to strike the ball, but it’s important to choose the right tool for the job to get the desired effects.

Train Constantly

Many of the solutions provided by IT support at times of need are a result of the previously gathered experience and knowledge. And the gathering of knowledge starts with the motivation of each person to perform better through self-initiated education, experience sharing, and having an open mind to learn more.

To stay up-to-date and on top of their game, the best IT staff train constantly. Incidentally, this is why you should always consider working with IT support providers that invest in their staff through many forms of training.

You can learn a lot to improve your golf game by studying. You can do this by attending specific golf training courses, by reading pro golfing tips, and by watching other golfers, whether they are around you or on the screen. A willingness to learn is imperative to being at the top of your game.

Gather Practical Experience

Practical experience is irreplaceable. All the knowledge in the world will not make you a good golfer if you don’t practice regularly. Do you practice your golf swings often? Have you taken good advice and applied it to your game?

The same applies to IT support staff. A great IT team will have years of combined, practical experience, so when it comes to performing on the day, they are well-practiced and can complete their work efficiently.

Be Patient

People’s true colors come to light when their computers are not working. Stress and frustration are typical responses to software and hardware failure.

In such cases, IT support staff should remain calm and reassuring, while fixing the issue and educating people as to what went wrong and how it has been resolved.

Golf is a fine test of character, rewarding those who don’t lose their temper or crack under pressure. These virtues of the perfect IT support team are also shared by golfers advancing in their game.

Hit the Greens with Certus

It’s easier for a business to move forward when suitable IT support is provided. You can save a lot of time, stress, and resources when dedicated staff is handling the burden of monitoring your system or dealing with malfunctions.

In addition, your IT support specialist is a bit like a dream golf caddy: always at your side, understanding the challenges of any course, and able to use their expert knowledge to advise you on the right solution for your goals. Let’s talk about what we can do for you and your business, and – if you like – maybe we can play a few rounds together and discuss.

About The Author

Evan BerkEvan Berk is Managing Partner at Certus Technologies, an IT Managed and Cloud Services firm that specializes in helping clients dramatically improve their business productivity.

Evan is passionate about simplifying and demystifying complex Information Technology systems and believes that the best IT systems should make our lives easier and more productive, both in the workplace and at home. He can be contacted at or at 973-944-5000.

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